Mar 11 2008

An Egg at the Gulf Tower peregrine nest!

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Tasha2 lays her first egg of 2008 & Louie comes to see, Gulf Tower, Pittsburgh, PAThanks to Ed Shott who noticed that the Gulf Tower peregrine, Tasha2, had laid her first egg this afternoon around 3:30pm.  Ann Hohn of Make-A-Wish, whose offices are near the nest and can see the webcam on TV, confirmed that we should be proud indeed.  

Here are two snapshots from the Aviary’s webcam.  (You can take snapshots too by right-clicking on the webcam’s image and choosing Save.)

The first snapshot shows Tasha inspecting the egg – a rusty red color near her feet.  When she first lays an egg she waits for it to dry before she begins incubation.

The second snapshot shows Tasha incubating and Louie (father bird) coming to visit.  He appears to be bowing in congratulation.

As Ann Hohn said, “Cigars for everyone.”

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  1. Jan Christensenon 14 Mar 2008 at 11:08 am

    There are now two eggs!!

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