Easter egg

Dorothy with her first egg of 2008, Easter Sunday, March 23This morning I woke up early to look for an egg.

Last night before I went to bed I saw that Dorothy, the female peregrine at University of Pittsburgh, was on her nest. That probably meant she was going to lay an egg before dawn.

Sure enough, here she is on Easter morning with her first egg of 2008. Congratulations!

To watch her at the nest, see the National Aviary's webcam

Two eggs as of 25 Mar 2008, 2:15pmMarch 25, 2008, 2:15pm: Dorothy laid her second egg today at about 2:15pm. Thanks to two sharp observers who sent me comments to alert me. It turns out that at 2:15pm I was outdoors watching the Cathedral of Learning. Suddenly Dorothy and Erie began a courtship flight. Maybe their flying meant "happy egg."




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  1. We were outside on Tuesday around the same time. We work at Carnegie Museum in Oakland and are always on the lookout for the peregrines flying around the building, over Panther Hollow, going for pigeons, etc. We saw the courtship flight, too – including dive-bombing and other impressive swooping, a mere 20 feet over our heads in the museum parking lot!

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