Today! Peregrine eggs hatching at Pitt

Eggshell visible next to Dorothy.  E2 arrives to see the action.This morning at 8:07am I got a call from my friend Karen Lang.  She saw an eggshell next to Dorothy so we knew the eggs had begun hatching at the University of Pittsburgh peregrine falcon nest.  Congratulations to Dorothy and E2!

When Karen first saw the shell it was a perfect half shell.  As I write, the shell is no longer visible because Dorothy ate it.  However I've included two snapshots.

The first one shows what's left of the shell at 8:37am after Dorothy already ate part of it.

The second snapshot shows E2 arriving to see the eggs hatching.  You can see a little bit of shell next to Dorothy's shoulder.

I hope to see the chicks soon on the National Aviary's webcam.


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