How much do peregrines chicks grow in two weeks?

Peregrine falcons chicks at hatching and at 3 weeks old, University of Pittsburgh, 2008No surprise that I'd ask this question. 

Last week I compared their growth at one week of age.  This Wednesday they were two weeks old. 

So here's another comparison photo.  The first slide is from the day they hatched, April 30.  The second is at two weeks, May 14.

What a change!

Becoming more independent:

This week the chicks started to move across the gravel.  They're learning to walk and run. 

On Thursday afternoon one of them motored to the front of the box and took a nap near the green nest rail.  Mom or Dad must have been nearby - perhaps perched on top of the camera - because the chick looked up and opened his beak.  We couldn't hear what he had to say but I'll bet he was looking his parent in the eye and saying, "Feed me!"  

Eventually the chick walked to the back of the box and took a nap with his siblings.  You'll see more walking and begging by all three of them as time goes by. 

7 thoughts on “How much do peregrines chicks grow in two weeks?

  1. Kate! I’m a voice from the past! Love the site and check it daily. My best wishes for a hearty and healthy future for Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod and their parents.

  2. Good to hear from you.
    Those are excellent names for the chicks at this stage. It’s raining a lot today so they are sleeping while they wait for the weather to change.

  3. They’re adorable! Are there any plans for the banding of the chicks at either location? Thanks for keeping us updated with the blog!

  4. The PA Game Commission will band all the peregrine chicks at known nests in the Pittsburgh area. Watch for news of the Gulf Tower banding this week (May 19). The Pitt peregrine banding will occur just after Memorial Day.

  5. Libby – even though I do think they’re cute, I have to admit at times when they’re all huddled together, the chicks have looked rather like a blob of marshmallow cream.

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