Playing Around

Juvenile peregrines at play (photo by Kim Steininger)When they're not eating or sleeping young peregrines spend time playing - and they do it on the wing.

Last evening we were treated to quite a show at the Fledge Watch.  Two of the Pitt peregrines chased each other around the Cathedral of Learning and scuffled in mid-air, chasing and shouting and using their feet a lot.

We couldn't see the expressions on their faces but I imagine they looked like the two juveniles in Kim Steininger's photo.

Just when we thought the game was over, their mother got into the act and played Chase Me with one of her sons.  Whenever she caught up to him she flipped sideways to pretend a food exchange.  He was clearly excited by this attention and flew faster and it almost seemed Dorothy flew slower so her son could win some laps.

There's one more game we haven't seen yet this year but we'll recognize it.  It's a little taste of hunting called "You're a Pigeon, Here I Come." 

Ah, youth!

Thanks to Kim Steininger for permission to use her photo of young peregrines in Wilmington, Delaware. See more of her online gallery at or click on the photo above.

2 thoughts on “Playing Around

  1. Is that E2 that is at the nestbox around 9:30am today(Friday)? Do you think that he is being more vigilant because he is the new guy in town?

  2. Yes, that was E2. The “kids” are on other parts of the building. I don’t think he was being vigilant. I think he was hanging out in the one place the kids won’t chase him because they aren’t coming back to the nest anymore. 😉

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