Just when you thought it was over…

Peregrine falcon - probably Tasha - at the Oliver Building (photo by Heather Jacoby)...a peregrine appears.

Nope, my blog isn't over.  There are plenty of birds to write about.  In fact I feel guilty that I gave them so little attention in the past three months.  But just when I think peregrines won't put in an appearance... ta dah!

This afternoon Heather Jacoby captured this photo of an adult peregrine perched on a windowsill at the Oliver Building in downtown Pittsburgh.

By the size and look of this bird I think she's an adult female and there can be only one adult female peregrine in downtown Pittsburgh:  Tasha, the Queen of the Gulf Tower.

She looks almost tame - Heather said she was curious about the people inside the window - but don't be fooled.  Tasha is far from tame.  To her, people are harmless when indoors but if someone had opened a window she'd have shown what she's made of!

So keep checking this blog.  I'm still writing about birds and when the other birds get boring I've got peregrine news to spice things up.  Peregrines show up in the most surprising ways.

Thank you to Heather Jacoby for sharing her photo with us.  She was so lucky to see Tasha this close!

3 thoughts on “Just when you thought it was over…

  1. When you write, “she’d have shown what she’s made of,” what does that mean? Would she come at you with talons outstretched? Or attack you in some way? Or just fly away.
    I join the others in complimenting you on your wonderful blog which keeps us informed in such an entertaining way. I am having peregrine withdrawal, and it was nice to see an update this morning. Libby Strizzi of New Castle

  2. Considering how Tasha and Dorothy dive-bombed the game commissioners, I wouldn’t want to see them this close without a window between us!

    I’ll miss being able to watch the peregrines on a regular basis, but am looking forward to your information on other area birds.

  3. Libby asked, “what does that mean?” One of two things. If Tasha is hanging out at the Oliver Building because one of her youngsters was nearby, she would have attacked as Amy describes above. (That’s what I was referring to. ) On the other hand, if she was just loafing she would have flown away.

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