Cold Sun

Outside my window (photo by Kate St. John)It's one of those days when it looks nicer outside than it really is.   The wind is blowing hard from the north but the sun is out so the birds and squirrels are at my feeders. 

It's a good day for staying indoors with a cup of hot chocolate.  I know this because I took a walk at Duck Hollow this morning.  It's sheltered from the north so after seeing hundreds of gulls, some hooded mergansers and a lesser scaup I walked along the river trail. 

There I found a flock of cardinals, carolina chickadees and white-throated sparrows eating Oriental bittersweet berries.  This invasive plant seemed to be the only abundant bird food along the trail - except for the birds themselves.  A red-tailed hawk eventually caught one of them. 

I rounded the bend in the river.  Now the wind was in my face but there was a surprise overhead.  Two flocks of tundra swans flew over.  Woo hoo!

By then I was thoroughly cold so I hurried home for lunch and the comforts of home - and to look outside my window.

(photo by Kate St. John, taken from my back window)

One thought on “Cold Sun

  1. Now that is cold! We are supposed to get colder temps here in New England in the next couple of days and I am dreading it.

    We have a ton of bittersweet too, but the birds have not resorted to eating it yet.

    Lucky you seeing the tundra swans. I have only seen them once and they were so lovely to look at.

    Enjoy your week and stay warm.

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