February is Bird Feeding Month

European Goldfinches (photo from Wikimedia Commons)This month is jam-packed with bird feeding events. 

Did you know that February was declared National Bird Feeding Month more than 10 years ago?  I didn't know until I heard ...

Sunday Baroque will honor National Bird Feeding Month on February 8 by featuring classical music which imitates European cuckoos, nightingales, European goldfinches (shown here) and swans.  

Why so many European birds?  Because most classical music composers lived in Europe; those are the birds they knew.

Next Sunday you can hear the program from 8:00am until noon on WQED-FM 89.3 in Pittsburgh, or WQEJ-FM 89.7 in Johnstown.  Or click here for our live online stream. 

And finally, February 13 to 16 will be the 2009 Great Backyard Bird Count, an annual four-day bird counting extravaganza across North America!  From the warmth of your home you can count birds in your backyard for as little or as long as you like, then add your information to the website.  It's really easy to do and your data helps bird science.  Sign up here and fill your bird feeders!

p.s. It would be lovely - but impossible - to have two European goldfinches at my feeder.  Aren't they beautiful?

(photo of European goldfinches (not in North America!) from Wikimedia Commons via the Attribution 2.0 License)

One thought on “February is Bird Feeding Month

  1. The bird feeders have helped get me through this cold January! And now in February my best sighting. I had a small flock of pine siskins at the thistle feeder this morning. At first I thought they were purple finches, but after looking with the binoculars they had yellow on the wing and tail. I will surely be filling my feeders all Feburary long!


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