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Bald Eagle pair at Blackwater NWR (photo from Friends of Blackwater eagle cam)Perhaps you're as anxious for spring as I am and maybe, like me, you can't wait to watch the peregrine webcams. 

Many of the falconcams aren't broadcasting yet - or they're boring - because peregrines in the middle latitudes (that's most of the United States) don't lay eggs until March and April. 

If you live near a peregrine nest, you'll see the peregrines doing courtship flights and aerial displays but only occasionally visiting the nest.  The falconcams don't have much to show.

Bald eagles, on the other hand, are deep into family life right now.  Courtship is over, the nest is built, and many of the pairs laid eggs in the last two weeks.  The eaglecams are up and running and there's plenty to see. 

So while you're waiting for peregrine season to heat up, here are four Eagle Cams to keep you busy:

Have fun watching eagles online.  

p.s. The number of eggs at these nests keeps going up.  See the comments!

(photo is from the Friends of Blackwater eagle cam.  Click on the photo to visit the cam.  Click here for information on their March 14th Eagle Festival.)

4 thoughts on “Eagles Online

  1. I can’t contribute to eagle and/or falcon mating, but can say — from the slightly more northern latitudes of Albany/Schenectady — that I saw a pair of red-tail hawks mating this past Monday (16-Feb), at dawn, while perched on the overhanging pole of a highway street light.

    I imagine that we, here, must be some number of days behind the warmer Pittsburgh area. (Believe me; it is COLDER up here!!).

    I hope to see a bald eagle, just as I had last year, on the Hudson River, in the spring months.

  2. The Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagel Pair has two chicks!! So awesome!!
    If it hadn’t been for the webcam, neither my son or I would have ever had the privlidge of seeing them!!

    Just beautiful. When we tuned in, one of the pair had brought a fish and was feeding the chicks. There seems to be one egg left to hatch.

    Thanks for posting those links!! Thanks for your whole blog!! It’s incredible!!

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