Mar 03 2009

Blackbirds or What to Look For in Early March

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Brown-headed cowbird flock (photo by Chuck Tague)

3 March 2009:


This morning it was 6oF outdoors with a wind chill of -8.  Today I'm wishing especially hard for spring.  When will I be able to put away my parka and wear a jacket instead?

Chuck Tague gave me a hint when he published his phenology for early March.  It spurred my appetite and made me wish for...

  • The First of Year common grackles arriving with the blackbird flocks.
  • Especially large flocks of robins singing at dusk and dawn for about two weeks this month.
  • More sunlight in the evening after we turn the clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time. This year it's on March 7 so sunrise on March 8 will be at 7:45am, sunset at 7:16pm.
  • Intensive peregrine courting and the start-up of the Pittsburgh falconcams.
  • Mud Season: I'll switch from snow boots to mud boots.
  • and Jacket Weather!  (Thanks to Joan Tague for telling me about this celebration.)

Spring is just around the corner.

I gotta believe!

(photo by Chuck Tague)

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