May 16 2009

May Flowers: Fairy Bells

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Fairy Bells (photo by Dianne Machesney)

I love the name of this flower: Fairy Bells (Disporum lanuginosum). 

The plant is about 30 inches high, the leaves droop and the pale green flowers hide beneath the leaves.  The flowers are so delicate they are aptly named fairy bells.  They are actually an Appalachian flower and are hard to find in Pennsylvania unless you're in the mountains. 

For Dianne Machesney these Fairy Bells were a "life flower" when she took this picture last weekend in the Laurel Highlands.

(photo by Dianne Machesney)

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  1. Mikeon 27 Apr 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Fairy Bells and critters outside our windows. Nice web site.

    I’ve just started posting of my flora and fauna. Photography isn’t up to the standards or yours, but my appreciation of wild things may be.

    Check out my Fairy Bells at my website.


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