Update: “Meet Me at the Tent”

Life gets in the way of my plans sometimes.  I will NOT be able to do Fledge Watch AFTER WORK on Wednesday June 3.  All other times still hold - weather permitting. 

See the schedule here.

3 thoughts on “Update: “Meet Me at the Tent”

  1. Have the peregrines at the Gulf Tower fledged already? I can’t see them on the screen of the webcam.

  2. I don’t know if they’ve fledged – I’m rarely downtown. I can tell you that the four at Pitt have not fledged even though they aren’t always visible on the camera.

  3. Where did they go? Used to seeing at least two birds in the nest, but now nobody is there — did they fledge on this rainy day, or is everybody ledge walking? Just wondering…

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