June Blooms: Yellow Clintonia

Yellow Clintonia along Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (photo by Kate St. John)

Yellow Clintonia (Clintonia borealis) is blooming now in the mountains.  I found these beautiful flowers when I hiked the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail last weekend. 

Clintonia is a member of the Lily family named for Dewitt Clinton, a naturalist and governor of New York.  Its fruit is a dark blue beadlike berry from which it acquired its third name:  Bluebead. 

(photo by Kate St. John - using my cell phone.  Click on this photo to see Chuck Tague's close-up of the flower.)

One thought on “June Blooms: Yellow Clintonia

  1. All day today on my deck I had cardinal parents & their fledglings, finches & theirs , grosbreaks & theirs. It was so noisy & beautiful to see all these chicks fluttering their wings, keeping their beaks open & asking for food & their parents kept showing them the feeder. They would go & get 1 seed for them & then fly off, letting the children learn themselves. Its the first time I ever saw so many on the same day. So I may have missed the peregrines so the “other guys” let me have a look as to how they do it which is probably mostly the same except with dead pigeons instead of sunflower seeds. Nature certainly has made a grand entrance into my life this year. Faith C.

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