Peregrine fledgling in Youngstown, Ohio (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)
The peregrine nesting season is over in Pittsburgh but the babies have just fledged in Youngstown, Ohio.

The season is late for Youngstown's peregrines because the parents had to pick a new site when they were blocked from using their longtime nest on the Stambaugh Building.  They tried to nest on a bank building but the attempt failed.  Finally they chose the fourth floor of the Mahoning County Courthouse and Stellar laid eggs on the 18th-20th of May.  The young were banded on July 17th.

Ohio names their peregrines at banding and, in a tribute to their courthouse home, the three nestlings received "legal" names:  Freedom, Justice and Tort.   All three fledged last weekend.

I know all this because my friend Karen Lang keeps close track of them on the CMNH Falcon Forums.  Stammy, the father bird, was born at the University of Pittsburgh and his fledglings are Dorothy's "grandkids."  Sadly, Freedom was found dead on the Market Street Bridge last Sunday -- hit by a car.

I checked the Youngstown Falcon Forum to find out more.  The other two fledglings are fine and I found a bonus.  Chad and Chris Saladin photographed "Tort" as she practiced flying and landing on the second floor balcony of the Courthouse.  Back and forth she flew and hopped.  Click on the photo above to watch her practice.

What an intense look of concentration she has on her face!

(All photos by Chad and Chris Saladin.  Click here or on the photo above to watch the slideshow. The slideshow loops, the action repeats.)

8 thoughts on “Concentrate!

  1. She looks so stern, even scary. Imagine being a poor pigeon & seeing one of those in a “stoop” coming down out of the sky at you! Loved the slide show — sort of like slow motion.

  2. Amazing! What great photos. How about the legs on those birds? Kate, how heavy can a Peregrine’s prey be? I also love the sharpness of their eyes.

  3. The average male pigeon weighs about 369g (that’s 13.1 ounces or 0.81 pounds). Male peregrines outweigh pigeons only a little. Female peregrines are three times their weight. That’s why male peregrines often go after smaller birds.

    Here are some interesting weight comparisons in grams:
    Male peregrines weigh 400-750g
    Female peregrines weigh 900-1500g
    Male pigeons weigh an average 369g
    Female pigeons weigh an average 340g

  4. I was so worried that the falcons wouldn’t be able to lay any eggs this year. Thank you for the pictures and the updates.

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