Sep 20 2009

Nothing. Sort of.

IRFD Before and After (photos from Kate St. John's cell phone)

As promised I participated in International Rock Flipping Day (IRFD) today.

Yesterday I tried to get a head start by flipping a few rocks in a stream in Schenley Park but there was nothing under them except smaller rocks.  Today in Butler County I turned over a big rock in Portersville.  Nothing but dead leaves underneath.

Back home at Schenley Park I hunted for a likely candidate and finally found a winner, the rock pictured above.  There was an earthworm and a millipede underneath but you can’t see them in my lousy cell phone photo.  They were trying to burrow underground but it’s drought-y here so the ground is too dry for them.

The biggest thing I learned is that southwestern Pennsylvania is just not a rocky place.  I had no trouble finding rocks everywhere when I was in Maine early this month but around here the only real rocks we have are those used in landscaping.  I think we have to import them.

No wonder I came up with nothing.  Sort of.

For more IRFD results see Wanderin’ Weeta’s blog.

p.s.  IRFD rules include putting the rock back the way you found it without harming what’s underneath – which I did, though not pictured here.

(photos from my cell phone)

p.p.s.  Look how many bloggers participated in International Rock Flipping Day!

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  1. Robinon 21 Sep 2009 at 12:20 am

    I kicked some rocks around in my front yard, nothing but more rocks, and dirt, and some potato bugs.

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