Cold Road

Roadrunner (photo by Cris Hamilton)
This is one very cold bird who's so fluffed up he doesn't look like himself. 

Can you guess who he is?  Here's a hint:  I put part of his name in the title of this blog.

Still stumped? 

Cris Hamilton sent me this photograph of a greater roadrunner she saw on a trip to New Mexico last December.  She writes:  "We found that the roadrunners were very skittish - not real easy to find, and once found, they would take off quickly in the opposite direction. ... We found this one at the visitor's center of the White Sands National Monument.  It was really cold - like in the teens if I remember correctly, but sunny."

At that temperature he's indeed a "cold road."  Click here to see what greater roadrunners normally look like.

(photo by Cris Hamilton)

4 thoughts on “Cold Road

  1. Certainly is an interesting bird and Cris takes such fantastic photos, glad you used hers…neat to see the difference between their appearance in warm weather and their appearance in cold weather. The roadrunner was my mother-in-laws favorite bird and she was delighted to see them on their way to California one year. That was an “easy gift” for her (roadrunner pins, pictures, even a spoon with roadrunner at top)…thanks for sharing this little cutie, Kate.

  2. Yes, that was installed a couple of days ago. It is not “official” yet – when it is there will be a link on the National Aviary website – but it is streaming night and day so you can see & hear Tasha & Louie.

    And yes, there will be a camera at Pitt. The original camera is still there & showing snapshots. There will be an additional camera for streaming.

  3. That’s great. I have seen Dorothy every now and again on the current camera at the Cathedral. Am looking forward to watching them all again this year.

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