Second peregrine egg at Pitt

Dorothy laid her second egg this morning at 11:52am (Daylight Savings Time).   Nora, who posts on the CMNH Falcon Forums, captured the first photos of it.  Here you can clearly see both eggs just minutes after the second one was laid. is archiving footage from the streaming cams so I found and marked the timeframe in which Dorothy laid the egg.  Then Bill Powers of PixController kindly posted it on YouTube here.  It's amazing to watch.

Meanwhile, as of 8:45pm tonight Tasha2 at the Gulf Tower has not yet laid her first egg.  She's not late though.  She usually lays on or before St. Patrick's Day.

For more information on peregrines, see the Peregrine FAQs.

(photo from the National Aviary snapshot webcam at the Univ of Pittsburgh, and thanks to Nora's quick reflexes)

5 thoughts on “Second peregrine egg at Pitt

  1. Kate,

    Maybe it is the times that I check the cam, but it seems to me that Dorothy does not incubate the eggs much at this stage — is that correct? Does incubation start in earnest when all the eggs are laid?


  2. Here are some answers. Sorry it took me a while to get to them. I’ve had to concentrate on my job this morning. 🙂

    Archived Video: To see the archives, watch the streaming video (it must be streaming for the next step), then look below the streaming box and you’ll see 4 black icons next to the number of viewers. The far right icon that looks like a bulleted list is the archive button. Click on it to see the archives list.

    Incubation: Peregrines do not fully incubate the eggs until they have laid their next-to-last egg. In ths way all the eggs hatch within 24 hours of each other and all the chicks are the same age.

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