Happy Family in the Sun

It's been a beautiful sunny day here with highs in the mid 60s. 

Sunshine is rare -- and it'll rain this weekend -- so lots of people are out sunbathing at Schenley Plaza across the street from the Cathedral of Learning.  They aren't the only ones.

Early this afternoon both Dorothy and E2 took turns sunbathing on the nest gravel.  Here's a photo of E2 sunbathing while Dorothy broods the chicks. 

Can you see in the photo how E2 and one of the chicks are looking at each other?  That little bird is having some quality time with Mom and Dad.


And here's proof there is still one unhatched egg.  It was laid approximately two days after incubation had already started so it needs more time before it'll hatch.  That will probably be tomorrow, but don't be surprised if it doesn't hatch at all.  Some years Dorothy has an egg that doesn't hatch.

(photos from the National Aviary snapshot cam at the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning)

6 thoughts on “Happy Family in the Sun

  1. Thank you so much for this information! My kids and I were watching at school and were afraid that one of the falcons had been in a fight protecting the nest. This is such a relief!

  2. This was a beautiful day in the “neighborhood” today. I absolutely did nothing else today except sit in front of the computer with a good book & watched in awe & wonder at this family. Such an experience for all who were able to watch. That is one of the good things about “retirement”. There are “these” days that make life wonderful.
    Thank you for providing this and all the information we get from you Kate and the entire team.
    I know we are trying tosave wildlife & if it has to be in these urban settings so be it. Shows just how adaptable the falcons are.
    Wanted to go out & stretch out in the sun myself but of course we needed sun block!!!!!!

  3. thanks for the info kate,,, i was wondering what was up with that laying flat business…. i even twitted it,, my first tweet that had a response,, gotta love the 21st century…and all this new technology and viewing of wild life….

  4. That is a gorgeous snapshot!! They are such a beautiful bird! With his wings spread out that way – you can see how detailed each and every feather is.
    Just gorgeous.

  5. I work with computers all day so there are times when I really hate them but then there are times like this when you’ve just gotta love technology! What a great capture! I had no idea they did this. I love how he’s facing all the chicks like he’s looking at them in amazement. How exciting being able to watch a part of their world like this!!!

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