Peregrine Chat Tonight with Dr. Katzner + his new Book

Tonight from 7:00pm-7:30pm, Dr. Todd Katzner will be on the Cathedral of Learning webcam chat to answer your questions about peregrine falcons.  

Dr. Katzner is Director of Conservation and Field Research at the National Aviary and a raptor expert who's spent years studying eagles around the world. 

His experiences and those of others led him to co-edit a new book with Dr. Ruth E. Tingay -- The Eagle Watchers -- just released by Cornell University Press. 

In the book, Dr. Katzner and 28 other field biologists provide an insider’s view of what it’s like to study eagles in remote locations around the globe. 

Each chapter is a field trip, a personal narrative that chronicles harrowing and sometimes humorous adventures and provides rare insight into the lives and behaviors of eagles.  The book features stunning color photographs, information on raptor conservation, and a global list of eagle species and their conservation status.

Tingay and Katzner want their book to help birds of prey in more ways than one.  Proceeds from the book will benefit Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania and the National Birds of Prey Trust in the United Kingdom.  

You can purchase The Eagle Watchers from Cornell University Press or Amazon

And remember, to participate in tonight's online chat about peregrines just login at the “Please sign in or sign up for free” links on the Cathedral of Learning webcam page.

(photo from Cornell University Press and The National Aviary)

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  1. Click here for the transcript of Wednesday night’s chat with Dr. Todd Katzner. Thanks to Donna, Jenny and Traci for making this possible.

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