Gone Birding

Migration is in full swing.  New birds are arriving every day.

There's no better time to go birding, so that's what I'm doing at Magee Marsh, Ohio.

Magee Marsh, also called Crane Creek, is a hotpsot for migrating birds because it's the last jumping off point on the shore of Lake Erie before they cross to Canada.

It's also a mob scene of birders, photographers and fancy optics.  The birds attract thousands of people and plenty of celebrations.  Not only is today International Migratory Bird Day but the entire week, May 6-16, has been declared the "Biggest Week in American Birding" by Black Swamp Bird Observatory in nearby Oak Harbor.

With this many people around, are there any birds?

Yes, and they're as close as this Nashville warbler that Brian Herman photographed last spring.  I was standing next to him in the Crane Creek parking lot when he took its picture.  🙂

(photo by Brian Herman)

3 thoughts on “Gone Birding

  1. I feel sorry for the little runt . That little one is not as agresive as the other 4 chicks and does not get any food! I wonder if there is anything wrong with that one.

  2. Magee Marsh is a wonderful place. My husband and I were there last August (the bugs were as big as the birds!) and had a marvelous time. The educational center there was very helpful and informative.


  3. Nellie, among peregrines the smaller nestlings are the males. The smallest is getting food. He does not grow big like his sisters because male peregrines are always smaller than females – only about 2/3 their size.

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