Goofing Around

Pre-dawn exercise. "We gotta be ready when the sun comes up!"

Today the young peregrines at the Cathderal of Learning are very active -- ledge walking, making short-hop flights and goofing around.

I'll post interesting photos from the snapshot cam here, so watch this space for updates throughout the day.

(The white dot on the photos is bird "poot."  There's no way to avoid it on days like this.)

A short-hop flight, yesterday afternoon.

They're climbing everywhere -- into the gully and under the snapshot camera.  The red arrow shows how they get out of the gully. The blue arrow is a bird under the snapshot cam.

He asks himself, "Am I missing anything down there?"

And he decides, "No, I'm not missing anything.  I'll keep going up."

Close-up of a young peregrine.

"I'm a blur!"

(photos from the National Aviary webcam at the University of Pittsburgh)

3 thoughts on “Goofing Around

  1. I believe Dorothy just brought dinner & she no sooner got into the nest than one of the fledgings stole it from her & they proceeded to have a game of tug of war with the food. It was so funny Dorothy kept pulling away from the brood & they kept trying to take it away from her.

  2. What great photos. I have also been visiting the Owl Box in San Marcos, CA, and a barn swallow nest. It is so wonderful in all of these instances to see real life. Anytime I feel the world “is too much with us” I tune into these bird worlds and am transported. Thank you and photographers, et al. for all your efforts to bring us these gifts.

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