Thursday Fledge Watch Update

The Pitt peregrines are learning fast.  By lunchtime yesterday three out of five had flown from the nestrail. 

Last evening we saw one of the juveniles land on the lightning rod and pursue his parents whenever they returned to the Cathedral of Learning.  Dorothy tested him with a practice prey exchange, but he flunked and she had to re-catch the meal he nearly lost to the ground.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Fledge Watch Update

  1. any word from Tarentum?
    Thanks for the updates, hopefully I’ll see you at some point. may go tonight, weather permitting.

  2. I’m sorry I missed the evening lessons last night. Sounds exciting. Hopefully they’re still practicing and not too far from the Cathedral yet on Sunday night. I’m heading out of town at the most inconvenient time! Now I’ll know what everyone who watches from afar deals with. Maybe with some luck, the chick who has been a little slower getting up to the nest perch, then the rail and so on will also still be taking some of these first steps then. That’s awfully selfish of me, but I can’t help it.

  3. I see that all of the COL fledgings have left so the camera is shut off for repairs & until next year. When are they going to band the GT chicks-It should be soon correct since they are about 4 weeks old?

  4. This morning at Pitt as of 8:30am: All five have left the nestrail, so all have flown at least once. I could find three out of five but they are hard to keep track of because they move so easily. Yow!

  5. Oh, everyone’s flying now? Carol & I were there Thursday between noon & 1 PM, and 2 were still on the nestrail. Dorothy was feeding them when we left (such babies!) We met Daniel & Colleen (?) — sorry to miss everyone else.

    Any fledge watch today/this evening?

  6. It was nice to meet you all yesterday.

    I had lunch at the plaza fountain today. I could see one falcon back chilling on the rail. I also saw individuals flying around the cathedral one at a time, off and on, so I had no idea who was who. It’s a fun time to be a young peregrine!

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