We're on Day Three of four days in a row of incredibly hot weather for Maine.  At this time of year the normal high we're used to is 75. Today it will be 90 and the air quality will be bad because the air is moving up from PA, NYC, and the east coast.  It's too hot to hike.

Some of you asked if Hurricane Earl will affect us. Yes, but my husband and I are looking forward to the rain & cooler temperatures.  We might regret that attitude at dawn on Saturday when Earl will have been here for 6 hours, but for now Earl is welcome to arrive ASAP!

3 thoughts on “Hot!!!

  1. Your vacation sounds great. It is over 90 here also, also tomorrow last day for that. We will appreciate the rain if we get any and cooler weather. Altho today I will go to the pool after 3. It does not open until 3 this week because all the life guards are in school until then Life problems!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep safe.
    What does the hurricane do to the birds, beavers & whales up there I wonder. Or do they run prior sensing something is amiss with their world???

  2. Everyone takes shelter as best they can. I too was wondering about whales the other day because they need to surface to breathe. Hmmmm. Wonder what it’s like for them.

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