5 thoughts on “Like a Bullet

  1. Last sunday afternoon, about 3-4pm…in bad weather- almost all day raining I went to store a few blocks from where I live…I’ve noticed a bird circling above, not very high…noticed, that it wasn’t a seagull and not a hawk- wings weren’t as wide as hawks….
    On the corner, was a gas station, on top of gas station were a flock of pidgeons…I see this bird again fly, pretty close and not high up….And I see- familiar sideburns…I guess, it was a juvenile peregrine trying to hunt on pidgeons…I’ve seen his 3 tries, all with no sucess…looked like pidgeons knew that it was a juvenile peregrine and pidgeons weren’t scared at all…I’ve never seen a peregrine that close…Why I deceided that it was a juvenile…belly wasn’t as white as on adults I’ve seen next to my work, on high voltage tower, I’ve seen one right next day- on monday afternoon…
    Where they’re from, can’t tell…I do work in Mineola, NY, live in Bellerose, NY

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