Snowing Today

After last weekend's thaw we've returned to the amount of snow we had before it rained -- about an inch or two on the ground in Pittsburgh -- with another inch+ expected today.

North of I-80 it's another story.  By Wednesday the Pymatuning area already had an inch of fluffy stuff but now they're expecting 2-4 inches of snow today, 3-5 more inches tonight and an additional 1-3 inches on Sunday. 

I was going to go birding at Pymatuning tomorrow but that news changed my mind!

So I'm keeping my feeders filled and hoping for a pretty scene like this one. 

A little snow is OK.

(photo by Steve Gosser)

4 thoughts on “Snowing Today

  1. Ditto on the traveling idea, plus I have much to do here at home, so today is a good feeder birding day. If anyone needs a feeder to look at, mine can be viewed here:

    Auto refreshes every minute or so. I duct-taped a webcam to my spotting scope and set up some free software one Sunday morning so that I could watch my feeder at work. Working pretty well so far.

    Enjoy, and be safe.

  2. I certainly have a pretty scene like pictured above! There are 3 male cardinals and a few blue jays working my feeding station.

    A Pileated Woodpecker was eating the suet, about 8′ away from where I was viewing him. It is fun to see him so close without binoculars. The bright red on his crest sure stands out on a gloomy day!

    Even the beautiful colors of the 2 cock Ring-Necked Pheasants are nice to see while the snow is coming down. Their backs had a light coating of snow on them today. They like to eat the white millet that I scatter under some thick deciduous shrubs near my feeding area.

    We are up to 7″ here of snow here, about 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, with a steady light snow continuing to fall.

    The feeding area is frantic with activity!

  3. Cardinals are pretty scared birds where I live, but last month I had one pose for me for a few minutes and allowed me pretty close:

    Also, last monday, I tried to “chase” red tailed hawk which was circling above house pretty low, but untill I manage to grab my camera, hawk was gone, instead, I got some pics of woodpecker a block away from my home:

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