Yesterday I mentioned that birds eat rose hips.  In case you don't believe it, here's proof.

Last week Cris Hamilton found a flock of nine eastern bluebirds at Crooked Creek feasting on multiflora rose hips.  She captured this one with open beak. 

Lucky birds!  The thorns don't bother them at all.

(photo by Cris Hamilton)

3 thoughts on “Proof!

  1. Oh my god, this just made me feel so much better. I have been worried sick about one of my Macaws because it had somehow got out of its cage. He flew straight to a rose hip bush and started to eat them. I was scared, because I grew up thinking they were poisonous and I was worried my bird would die. I’ve been on the internet looking for awhile now, but thanks to you, you made me feel so much better with this blog! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Great photo from a great photographer/birder. Cris is so good at capturing details in nature as is Steve Gosser. Don’t we love the photos they and Marcy K. and so many other birders share! There were 57 bluebird eggs in boxes this past summer on first “goaround” (about 12-13 broke or were discarded, but rest were fine and most fledged). A few of the boxes contained 2nd and 3rd nests with eggs later.
    The population at Crooked Creek is growing.

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