Moving Day

Sometimes a bird picks a dangerous place to nest.

In Tampa Bay, Florida a male osprey began building a nest to attract a mate but he chose a railroad signal tower as his ideal location.  It looked good to him, but it was a big problem for the railroad.

Fortunately volunteers from the Audubon Society of Clearwater Florida had a better idea.  Watch the video to see how they worked with CSX to move the osprey's nest.

Would the osprey accept the new location?  You bet!   Moving Day was a success.  Here he is perched at his new home.

Now all he has to do is unpack the sticks.  😉

Thanks to Bob O'Malley for sending me this happy news.

(video and photo by Bob O'Malley)

5 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Hey guys..sorry..this is the same story. What I saw on the news the other night was that they also installed caps on the lightning rods so the birds would not be in danger from being impaled again.

  2. Amazingly adaptable! Not sure I’d be all that happy having my home torn apart and moved… even if it was to the “penthouse”. Great job Clearwater!

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