3 thoughts on “Third peregrine egg at the Gulf Tower

  1. How lucky are we humans in Pittsburgh? (In spite of Pitt’s loss in NCAA tourney)

    We have 2 mating pairs of peregrines as well as a challenger (3-17) and Pitt and the Nat’l Aviary to record all the activities, and Kate to tell us about it! Does any other city have as many opportunities to do this?

    I say again, How lucky are WE!


  2. Boy I am in & out all day & seem to be missing these last few. Checking out all the eagles I can also, no eggs yes. Some nests apparently are due any minute. Have to go to Shadyside this AM so will surely be looking up & trying to drive. Probably as bad as using cell phone while driving. Thank goodness you are on top of all this Kate. Thanks again.

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