18 thoughts on “First Egg Just Hatched at Pitt!

  1. The slideshow is wonderful! You can almost imagine them congratulating each other on a strong start to the new season.

  2. Congratulations!! Wonderful slide show, what a great couple they are and such good parents! I’m so glad things have calmed down here and they can now focus on their little ones 🙂

  3. Great slideshow!

    Could you please ask whoever is in charge of the Cathedral webcam to please adjust the focus? It’s incredibly blurry, and I had to watch the single snapshot cam just to see the baby falcon. This is very disappointing compared to last year’s webcam setup.

  4. Kem, the focus appears to be off but the real problem is that it raining here — a lot! — and the camera cover has drips on it that blur the image. We cannot disturb the nest so we cannot wipe off the camera. Oh well.

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