Lots of Peregrine News: Pitt and Gulf

Yesterday was a busy day for Pittsburgh's peregrines and Fledge Watchers.

At Pitt, the Cathedral of Learning nest:

The folks who stopped by for midday watch (shown above) were treated to views of the entire peregrine family though the peregrines were not very active.  Three youngsters perched on the nestrail and one on the top of the building while Dorothy and E2 watched them.  Despite this, it was great to see so many peregrines without any real effort other than feeding the parking meter.  How many people do you know who've seen six peregrines at the same time?

Evening watch was more exciting.   There were still three youngsters on the nestrail, sometimes flapping.  E2 made a spectacular stoop over Craig Street, Dorothy went hunting in Schenley Park and the youngster on the roof flew around a lot.  Sharon Leadbitter captured the action in pictures and video.  Here's a selection.

Youngster flapping on the nestrail:

The brave one launches from the roof!

And landed somewhere new to him:

Click here for a video of one of his flights, thanks to Sharon.

Pitt Fledge Watch Schedule:  Unchanged so far.  Today (June 3) noon-2:00pm and 5:30-7:00pm.  Tomorrow (June 4) 10:00am-2:00pm unless it's thundering ...storms are predicted for Saturday afternoon.


At the Gulf Tower:
The dedicated Gulf Tower watchers did a lot of detective work yesterday.  Donna Memon searched the webcam video archives and found First Fledge, which she saved as a hotspot.  (Click here for instructions on how to view the hotspot.)   

Barb Becker reported that the first-to-fly was not at the nest for about 34 hours but he came home for dinner last evening.  While Barb was watching them eat, Donna captured this image of all five with Dori.

This morning only three youngsters were visible at the Gulf Tower nest.  Barb says that a second youngster looked like he was almost ready to fly last night.  I'll bet he did!

Gulf Fledge Watch Schedule:  Great news!  Three of the Pitt Fledge Watchers are planning to watch at Gulf this weekend.  I don't have a schedule yet but here's what I know:  John English, Anne Marie Bosnyak and Sharon Leadbitter have suggested two places to conduct the Watch and are planning to be there this weekend.  John will watch from the Boy Scout parking lot near Flag Plaza and Mellon Arena,  Sharon suggests the top floor of the Greyhound Station parking lot (I hear it's only $5 on weekends), and Anne Marie will probably visit both sites. 

If you're interested in watching at Gulf, leave a comment and I'll post your proposed (or definite) Gulf Tower Watch times in a new blog.

(photos by Kate St. John (Fledge Watchers), Sharon Leadbitter (fledglings) and the National Aviary falconcam at Gulf Tower)

8 thoughts on “Lots of Peregrine News: Pitt and Gulf

  1. I’ll be on top of the Greyhound lot at around 4-5. If I can get enough people to come I might even make cookies (;-) )

    just look for the beat up silver Honda that’s blasting out the rock music

  2. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful pictures of the watching that I cannot attend. Am enjoying it my heart. Wonderful weather for people & falcons. Thanks bird watchers & especially Kate who bring the whole experience into such wonderful focus on why this matters so much and the awareness to us all.
    Thanks again friends watchers & Kate. Faith Cornell

    PS: Still have 3 pairs of grosbreaks coming to my litttle deck, along with the pesky jays & doves. But I get a few finches too & those little red headed ones that the name escapes me at the moment. (A senior moment I guess.) I have even bought peanuts for the squrrels this year.

  3. Thanks for jogging my memory Sharon, picture is perfect there I think in my mind I think of Finch as yellow & when I see those I forget they are the same only different color. This bird thing is fairly new to me but I sure enjoy it.

  4. I’m planning Flag Plaza around 1 – 3 pm on Sat. (I might stop at Pitt first).
    Flag Plaza is across from Mellon Arena, next to Connelly VoTech. Look for the Liberty Bell and all the flags. Parking is free. Look for light gold PT Cruiser.
    Probably same time Sunday.

  5. Intermittently throughout the day one or two peregrines were perched on the ledge above the columns on the Grant Street side of the Frick Bldg near the 5th Ave corner. My colleague who alerted me said he saw “one small and one bigger” at one point. I only saw one. He saw one at several different times. Monday I’ll take binos with me.

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