Where to Look at Gulf Tower

If you're wondering where the peregrine family lives at the Gulf Tower in downtown Pittsburgh, Sharon Leadbitter sent some helpful photos.

Sharon spent several hours on the top level of the Greyhound Bus station on Sunday afternoon waiting for some action from the Gulf Tower peregrines.  It was hot, the sun was in her face, and peregrines were not particularly active. 

It was about as exciting as waiting for water to boil, but it was a good opportunity to show the birds' location. 

Her first photo shows the general area to watch.

Her second is a close-up showing two birds, the falconcam on the right and the nestbox on the left.  Who knew that a bird can stand between the box and the edge!

During the day the juveniles leave the camera view but as recently as yesterday evening four of the five came home for dinner. 

Apparently the "water boils" at dusk. 

(building photos by Sharon Leadbitter, peregrine family photo from the National Aviary falconcam at Gulf Tower)

9 thoughts on “Where to Look at Gulf Tower

  1. He was a few days ago. No news is good news.
    At Pitt our First-Fledge chick is so advanced that he no longer bothers to show up when his sisters have dinner. Instead he flies out to meet his parents as they bring in the food and tries to do a prey exchange with them. So… sometimes he eats first.

  2. Thanks for the pics Sharon! They are great to see! Don’t go up there tomorrow or Thursday or you will need to buy stock in the hospital emergency room!

  3. I spotted one of the fledglings today perched on an antenna on top of the Clark building. He or she stayed there for a while before taking flight over the intersection of Liberty & Sixth Ave. Little one was doing a great job learning to soar!

  4. Thanks for the photos Sharon. And to you or Kate, whoever added the arrows. I asked this just as you left fledgewatch on Friday I think. Kate got me oriented and all set straight on where the nestbox is located, but come next year, I’ll have this to go back to for a refresher now. Very useful. Both our buildings have so many places for peregrines to set up shop, and so many similar facades, it can be quite a task figuring things out unless you’re lucky enough to see one in the air and come in for a landing.

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