Jul 03 2011

Feed Your Nestcam Addiction

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The peregrines have flown and the eagles have fledged.  Most of the raptors are gone from the webcams but you don't have to go through withdrawal.  You can still watch wild birds online.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Nestcams website has many live webcams to choose from.  There are barn owls, bluebirds, wood ducks and even seabirds.  They also have archives from prior years.

Right now the chimney swifts in Glenham, New York are particularly busy.  They just hatched three fluffy white chicks on June 30. 

Click on the screenshot above to watch them.  Be patient.  It takes a while for the black square to become a video.  (I had better luck with Internet Explorer than with Firefox.)

When it's hot outdoors, stay inside and feed your nestcam addiction.

(screenshot of chimney swifts from Cornell Lab of Ornithology NestCams)

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  1. Michelle, Colorado Springs, COon 03 Jul 2011 at 11:35 am

    Thanks Kate. Here’s another web site for more webcam birding for those like me going into withdrawals. 🙂 It’s from Xcel Energy. The eagles were the best to watch and they’re still coming back to their nests.


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