What’s the Caption?

Today's blog is a bit like the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.

Here's a picture.  What's the caption?

Leave a comment with your answer.




(photo by Manfred Werner from Wikimedia Commons where it was picture of the day on 11 October 2010. Click on the photo to see the original)

p.s. These are red-legged seriemas (Cariama cristata), young bird is on left, adult on right.  Click here to learn more about them.

13 thoughts on “What’s the Caption?

  1. Clearly this is about the bill, so either …

    “I am too old enough to wear an orange bill!”


    “Does this black make me look fat?”

  2. My personal favorite is Karen’s about the nails & hair… made funnier to me because these birds have unusual toes as well as their crests.

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