Sep 28 2011

White Snakeroot

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Composite flowers are putting on their last big show.  Goldenrods, asters and white snakeroot are blooming everywhere in the weeks before first frost.  They're easy to find in Schenley Park.

White snakeroot (Ageratina altissima, formerly Eupatorium rugosum) has white umbels that resemble Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) but the leaves are much different.  Instead of large perfoliate leaves white snakeroot has smaller leaves with stems.

Use a magnifying glass on the flowers and you'll see Y-shaped stamens poking up from the tiny five-pointed flower cups.

..."The better to pollinate, my dear."

Read the story of this plant -- and who it killed -- on the Flora Pittsburghensis blog, the source of this photograph.

(photo by Christopher Bailey on Flora Pittsburghensis)

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  1. Kathyon 28 Sep 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Abraham Lincoln’s mother! Kate, you continue to teach..even this 65 year old head! Thank you.

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