Feb 17 2012

Confirming: Winter Tree Walk Tomorrow

The Winter Tree Walk is "on" as planned, 1:00pm to 3:00pm tomorrow, February 18.  Click here for directions and details.

Expect overcast skies and temperatures 43-45 degrees with some wind and a slight chance of rain.  It will feel like 38-40 degrees.

Dress warmly.  Wear boots.  Most of our route is sidewalk or crushed gravel but be prepared for one 60-foot muddy stretch.  (Route is shown above in red.  See map key below.)  Feel free to bring a hiking stick.  I'm bringing mine for walking and for pointing out trees.

Bring quarters for parking!  Parking rates are $0.25 for 7.5 minutes = $2.00/hour.  For 2 hours you'll need at least 16 quarters.  More is better.  Note: The white laminated "No Parking" signs attached to the meters ask you not to park from 5:00am - 9:00am because of CMU buggy practice.  Our outing is 4 hours after the "no parking" time, so don't worry.

Post a comment if you have a question (comments send me email) or call me at 412-622-6558.  I'll be checking for comments & messages until 1:00pm on Saturday.

See you tomorrow.

(screenshot of Schenley Park from Gmap Pedometer.  Pink circle is Schenley Park Cafe & Visitor Center.  Red is our route.  Green line is location of free parking with dots indicating walking route to the Visitor Center.)

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