Mar 16 2012

March Madness

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I thought March Madness was all about basketball until I stumbled on a recent RSPB headline, The Gloves Are Off at RSPB Reserves:

"With spring approaching, the brown hares of the UK are starting to ‘box’, and we're encouraging people to head to our nature reserves to see the opening bouts of these amazing seasonal matches.

Unlike the male parties of the well-publicised recent heavyweight fracas, the dramatic sight of hares ‘boxing’ is actually the females fighting off the unwanted attention of overly amorous males.

The males gather together vying for the female’s attention and if not impressed, she uses fisticuffs to fend them off."

The article was accompanied by a photograph but that was tame compared to this video from Scotland.

He chases, she boxes, they tumble, the fur flies.  She's really letting him have it!

Clearly he doesn't get it that when she says no she means no!

Mad as a March hare, no doubt.

(video by LuckyGavia from YouTube)


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