Peaceful Birding

Today's video is a beautiful, peaceful, bird watching experience by local photographer Bob Greene, Jr.

Originally created for the Three Rivers Birding Club's 2012 Slide Slam, Bob's 12.5 minute video cameos the behavior of 35 species accompanied by music from the Celestial Aeon Project.

All of the birds are gorgeous.  My favorites are the nest-building house wren and the leaping greater yellowlegs.  See if you agree.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching birds at your desk.

(video by Bobby Greene)


6 thoughts on “Peaceful Birding

  1. Thank you Mr Greene and to Kate for this wonderful treat this morning. Even my cats enjoyed this. Pictures will keep me cool for later in day when everything is much hotter.

  2. Great video! I think I like the Sora sneaking around the reeds, but the leaping Yellowlegs are great, too.

    Was that Anhinga shot in Western PA?

  3. Oh! Kate, that was wonderful! I totally agree. I smiled as I watched that wren figure out how to get those long twigs into that hole and those Leaping Yellow Legs! Great! Thanks to Bob as well.

  4. Wonderful video with great musical accompaniment! A relaxing way to start the day! Thanks to Bob for sharing his talent.

  5. I love the Sora, with its orchestra conductor tail bobbing along. Thank you, Mr. Greene, for the video, and Kate for introducing it to us. It is quite peaceful and a delight for tired eyes.

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