Evening Primrose

Blooming now in Pennsylvania, the evening primrose fully opens at twilight.  Similar species called sundrops are open during the day.

Both flowers are in the Oenothera genus and are masters at opening and closing in response to light.  It takes these flowers only a minute to do it.   Click here to watch one opening.

Evening primroses are hardy and widespread, in fields and along roadsides.  Dianne Machesney found this one at Scotia Barrens.

(photo by Dianne Machesney)

p.s. Monday August 13: It's cloudy and gray this morning. Evening primroses are open in Schenley Park.

2 thoughts on “Evening Primrose

  1. I have evening primroses all thru the yard…I esp like it when the seed pods are ripe and the Goldfinches like to snack on them..Some of mine are over 7 feet tall…The seed pods also spray paint very well and makes an interesting “pod” in an arrangement or wreath. I think there are some moths which use this as a host plant also…

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