Beauty And The Beak

As you can see, the eagle video has gone missing ...

... from  The original website about this bird (at the link below) is also missingHowever, I'm keeping this post as a placeholder.  Here's what it was about:

Libby Strizzi alerted me to a heart-warming video about a severely injured bald eagle who got a chance at a better life.

Beauty lost her upper beak when she was shot in the face by a poacher. This 2008 video shows the first of many steps in restoring her missing beak.

The video has been popular on the Internet this month, but current news of Beauty is hard to find because the original website at Birds of Prey Northwest has been inundated by recent web traffic.

Though we don't know how Beauty's doing today, the film is full of hope.

(2008 Emmy award-winning video by Keith Bubach, produced for Evening Magazine, KING-TV, Seattle)


7 thoughts on “Beauty And The Beak

  1. These are always heartening tales. There is a male eagle at a wildlife hosp. and sanctuary associated with Norfolk botanical gardens and his name is Buddy and he was found to have an unusual tumor on his beak that would have prevented him from getting his own food and they treated it and he does very well and he is used there as a lesson guide for lectures etc. So given a chance they can always win out with the help of people. Thanks for the story this fine morning Kate. Faith

  2. Birds of Prey Northwest is on Facebook and recently posted this update: “She is doing very well. She has had some regrowth in her beak, which pushed the prosthetic beak off. For now, we are monitoring the beak to determine our next course of action. Because there are no other documented cases like Beauty, we are observing the growth and will determine what, if any, adjustments or new prosthesis will be best for her.”

  3. What a story – how cruel some humans are, and how dedicated others are! I cried through the entire video.

    BTW, the website is back up now.

  4. Kudos to the rehabilitator, the engineer, and the dentist for their vision and determination in providing this prosthesis for Beauty. As a fellow dentist, I am especially proud of the skills demonstrated by the dentist in this case. The difficulty in providing dental prostheses for fellow humans is well known; the challenge of providing one for a raptor is in uncharted territory ! Great teamwork and use of CAD/CAM technology ! Good Luck, Beauty !!!

  5. Over the years I have become increasing cynical due to mankind’s selfish destruction of the planet and cruelty towards animals. Stories like this one give me hope.
    Thank you to all who helped this beautiful bird and to those who published the story.

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