Red-breasted nuthatches are really common here in Maine.

Even when I don't see them I can hear their "tin horn" voices saying "yank, yank, yank, yank" as they walk the tops of pines and spruces looking for insects.

Sometimes in the morning a group of them meets up and the "yank yank yank" gives way to long, melodic conversations and murmurs.  It sounds as if they're telling stories over coffee.  I wait for the punchline.

I had no idea they were such chatterboxes.

(photo by Chuck Tague)

4 thoughts on “Chatterboxes

  1. AND they are here in PA also at least migrating down from the north…hope they will be a fall/winter visitor…love their “tin horn” call too…can’t miss it when you hear it…nothing else sounds like that…I had one here August 29th at the creek/pond. Watch your spruce cones for them also…it’s a good year for those around here too…Hope you are having fun Kate and not hurricane problems with rain…

  2. We see a lot of these in Michigan as well. They love eating my black oil sunflower seed from my bird feeders and we enjoy listening to them as well. A good combination of bird feeders with black oil sunflower seed or a peanut mixed feed really attracts them. I get all my bird feeding supplies for my backyard birds at This place has everything!!!

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