Sep 15 2012

What To Our Wondering Eyes…

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If you haven't had a chance to see the awesome results from International Rock Flipping Day last Sunday, here's what we found:

Nature Closeups -- cool views of a daddy long legs in Georgia
Alex Wild, Scientific American -- five treasures in Illinois
Rebecca in the Woods - a beaver makes it interesting in Wisconsin
Fertanish Chatter -- millipedes, spiders, and a little blue guy near D.C.
poikiloblastic -- a Notre Dame petrologist finds a rock with a defense strategy
Growing with Science Blog -- weevil with an elephant snout in Phoenix
Wild About Ants -- and a blog about the ants found near the weevil
Powell River Books Blog -- disappointment at Bellingham Bay
Walking with Henslow -- much to see in Madison
Roundrock Journal -- did that spoon really biodegrade? and an armadillo in Missouri
Mainly Mongoose -- dwarf mongooses in South Africa (so cute!)
Random Hearts -- a heart in a brick
Wanderin' Weeta -- spider sex in the Lower Fraser Valley, BC
Rock, Paper, Lizard (The Interpreter) -- a drama of search, imminent birth, and a rubber boa
Beasts in a Populous City -- a journey through Rock Creek Park, D.C.
Lilac Gate -- a toad has prepared for winter in Ottawa
Outside My Window - two camels and a leopard in Maine (that's my hand about to find them, above)
Skepchick -- Skepchick's readers contribute their rock flips

And a wealth of under-rock finds in the #rockflip Flickr pool.

(photo by Kate St. John)

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