Monarchs With Marcy

This week the weather will be so warm it'll feel like early September when the monarch butterflies migrate.  But most of them are in Texas now, safe from killing frosts.  (You can watch their migration progress here.)

In August 2009, several of us from WQED visited Marcy Cunkelman to see her wonderful garden and learn about raising and tagging monarchs for the migration study.

Christa Majoras, who was an intern back then, recorded a video of our time there.  The unedited footage sat dormant while Christa was away at school but now she's back as an employee (yay!) and she edited Marcy's monarch video.

I'm so happy to show you what we learned from Marcy!  Enjoy this look back to the month of August when the flowers were blooming in her garden.

Many thanks to Marcy Cunkelman for hosting us and sharing her knowledge and to Christa Majoras for filming and editing the video.

(garden host and teacher, Marcy Cunkelman. video by Christa Majoras)


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13 thoughts on “Monarchs With Marcy

  1. Great job Kate and Christa!!!! I forgot what we did that day. (BTW, I am now about 25# less and didn’t need that extra 10# camera weight and I am usually behind the lens, not in it). So the yard is open for visits….it’s a great educational, NATURAL yard that is a wonderful “Safe Haven” for the birds, butterflies and other critters…around you never know what you might see….Plant and they DO come!!!

  2. Great video showing Marcy’s incredible place!! Cris Hamilton and I just stopped over yesterday for another visit to her yard. Doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there’s always something cool to see there!

  3. Great article and it is as Steve said always a TREAT to spend time with Marcy at her Safe Haven. So much to see and Marcy is so inspiring, some of us come away trying to raise butterflies (it IS a great learning and nature experience!). And besides butterflies and all the neat birds that visit her, just watching her yard change and all the wonderful trees, plants, and flowers come alive is a great experience.

    Kate you have a wonderful blog and I learn something ALL the time….

  5. I have been reporting Monarch sightings on your referenced website for migration progress for several years. In fact, the past couple of weeks I have seen several on their journey through central Arkansas.

    By the way, if you have not seen the NOVA documentary on the Monarch migration I have enclosed the link below. It aired a couple of years ago on PBS and is quite entertaining…. and educational!

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