Bird Tales, January 6

LATE BREAKING NEWS (1/4/13 at 4:30pm)!  We had trouble with the show archive so WQED will not run Bird Tales at 5:00pm on January 6.  Instead we will re-run Opposable Chums.

Bird Tales Review:

Why are we so inspired by birds?  How can we inspire others?

The answers will come this Sunday when WQED airs Bird Tales, a program that follows a dozen educators in the U.S. and Nicaragua who describe their fascination with birds and their enthusiasm that inspires others.

  • Sarah Zuccarelli teaches visitors at a bird sanctuary in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire.
  • Don Kroodsma records birdsong and teaches us to listen.
  • Abraham Hunter is a young artist whose paintings of birds have gained national acclaim.
  • Bob Gerson is a prison inmate in New Jersey whose lifelong love of birds has prompted him to write.
  • And through it all we're inspired by educators from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and teachers in Washington, D.C. and Nicaragua who are "Bridging the Americas" by uniting their students through education and conservation of migratory birds.

Birds link us to each other and to nature.  In Washington and Nicaragua, the children share the same birds who spend summers up north and winters in Central America.  They learn to treat nature with respect; some will inspire the next generation.  Along the way we're treated to the sights and sounds of the birds we love.


(screenshot from Bird Tales by NHPTV. Click on the image to watch a preview)

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