Feb 09 2013

Easy To See In Snow

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Horned Lark (photo by Bobby Greene)

In snow-covered fields horned larks are easy to see because their brown backs don't completely blend into the background.

Without snow these birds match the dirt.  The only way I find them is by luck -- I hear them and then search for movement in the mud.

When the blizzard finally ends on the East Coast today, it will be easy to see horned larks against all that snow.  In the meantime in Pittsburgh our snow will melt in tomorrow's 50 degree temperatures.

Despite the challenge of muddy fields I think I'd rather have a hard time seeing horned larks.  😉

(photo by Bobby Greene)

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  1. George Bercikon 09 Feb 2013 at 9:24 am

    Kate, it would seem that you are exhibiting the incipient signs of “winter wonderland overload”, a common seasonal malady. The imminent arrival of the Snow Trillium,Tundra Swans, and the Spring Peepers will go a long way toward a cure.Not to mention cuddling Peregrines.It’s closer than you think.

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