He’s A Screamer


Pittsburgh's Downtown peregrines are still busy courting.

Yesterday Louie paid a visit to Amanda McGuire's Lawrence Hall balcony and attracted her attention because he whined so much.

Amanda held her cellphone out the screen door and captured a video of him.  By the end of the video you'll agree...

He's a screamer!


(video by Amanda McGuire)


p.s. To make the video larger, click in the brackets at the bottom right of the YouTube TV screen.  The red circle below shows you where.

Where to click on YouTube to make it fullscreen.

2 thoughts on “He’s A Screamer

  1. Your attention, and your group’s attention, to these wild animals is admirable. The efforts you display are impressive. Thank you. I actually think Louis’ comments are quite normal
    and I would expect similar from my dog or my horse. In fact I wouldn’t expect less.

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