The Crows Are Back In Town!

Two American crows ook intently at... (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Guess who's back?

Their numbers grew quietly this month, gathering at the edges especially near Wilkinsburg.  Last night it was official.  The crows are here.

Peter Bell and Anne Marie Bosnyak emailed reports from Oakland.  My husband called from Squirrel Hill.

Anne Marie said, "Saw a murder of crows at the playground across the street from the Church Brew Works last night and a coworker saw them this morning in Schenley!   Borrowed from Thin Lizzy (source:

The crows are back in town! The crows are back in town!

Guess who just got back today?
Them wild-eyed crows that had been away
Haven't changed, haven't much to say
But man, I still think them cats are crazy."

Silence isn't their strong suit.  The crows will have lots to say in the days ahead.

Let me know when you see them.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons. Click on the image to see the original)

9 thoughts on “The Crows Are Back In Town!

  1. Heard them before I saw them. Was working today at my studio in Lawrenceville by a window that looks out towards the river at the 40th St. Bridge. Only saw a few dozen fly by. Will expect to see many, many more as the days progress.

    So happy that they’re back! The crows are one of my favorite things about being at this location.

    Mary M.

  2. Ah, crows! The smartest birds, I love them. We have them all year. They open the consoles on golf carts and steal snacks when the golfers get out to hit. They open trash cans, and the raccoons get blamed. If you leave leftovers from a barbeque for them they’ll gather in the trees during the party, lending the perfect touch of noir. They take fruit from the trees, then drop the leftovers-“fly-by fruitings.” Totally family-oriented,too.

  3. Twenty this evening flying northwest above Craft Ave in Oakland. 33 over Greenfield heading northeast. There are too few to follow yet but some time this season I will find out where they’re going… Why two different directions?

  4. For the first time, I was disappointed that I had the green light. The crows were soaring above the intersection of South Aiken and Fifth Avenue!

  5. They’ve spent the last two or three nights at Soldiers and Sailors in the big oaks along Bigelow. I could take pictures to share, but they’re pretty crappy, if you know what I mean… Watch your step!

  6. We got ’em! And too many to count. They gather in the top line of the trees opp. Beeler St. around 5, and head east (toward Oakland) by 5:15.

    I miss “our” turkeys. We haven’t seen any all summer.


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