Oct 31 2013

Ready For Halloween

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Badger (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

The American badger is ready for Halloween.  He always wears a mask.

This nocturnal member of the weasel family isn't found in Pennsylvania but occurs from western Ohio to the California coast.  He makes a living by digging for small burrowing animals, especially mice, squirrels and prairie dogs so his favorite places are grasslands where the soil is easy to dig and his prey is abundant.  That's a habitat rarely found in Pennsylvania.

American badgers are nature's backhoes but they work at night and are usually alone.  This makes them hard to watch and census.  Even so, we can guess they've declined or are missing from areas where prairie dogs have been eradicated.

For a 24 minute window on the badger's life, watch this 1970 video from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom which filmed them during the day.  I must say it brought back memories to see Marlin Perkins again.



(photo from Wikimedia Commons; click on the image to see the original.  Video from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Season 8 Episode 108, Released 01/01/70)

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  1. Donnaon 31 Oct 2013 at 10:51 am

    Wild Kingdom brings back wonderful memories of Sunday afternoons at my grandparents.

  2. Stephanie Arneon 31 Oct 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Hello Kate St. John,
    This might be a random email but I thought I would let you know that Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom noticed your post and wanted me to contact you. My name is Stephanie Arne and I am the new host for Wild Kingdom! Shocked? Yes! It is coming back!
    Obviously it will be a bit different from the original since they are 6 minute webisodes only aired on the website and YouTube channel, but Mutual of Omaha is very excited to try something fresh and new to attract the younger generations.
    I was chosen as the host this year after Mutual of Omaha did a nation-wide search to discover their new host. I am happy to say that it has been a dream come true to get the opportunity to teach the world about wildlife and conservation.
    If you are interested in checking the pilot programs out, please check: http://www.wildkingdom.com or LIKE us on Facebook at WildKingdomTV.
    Alrighty, I just wanted to say hello and that I love your blog post on badgers. They rarely get in the limelight and you did a great job! Thank you on behalf of wildlife for sharing the message of love and conservation! 🙂
    Oh, and here is a link of a blooper video. Sorry for my goofiness but I have so much fun while filming! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZWeZUbTVHY
    Be connected, Stephanie Arne

  3. Michelle Kienholzon 01 Nov 2013 at 10:59 am

    Oh man, I always wanted to grow up and get Jim’s job (when he was Marlin’s sidekick). 🙂

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