Cormorants On The Move

DCCO_drying_sgosserDouble-crested cormorants drying their wings (photo by Steve Gosser)

These double-crested cormorants are drying their wings after diving for fish.  Are they visiting our area?  You bet.

Double-crested cormorants were on the move last week along Lake Erie's shore.  According to Jerry McWilliam's waterbird count, 2,125 flew past Presque Isle State Park last Sunday (Oct 27), 227 on Monday, and 680 on Tuesday. Then their numbers dropped.

When cormorants are on the move, the ducks aren't far behind.

November may be cold but it's a great month for watching waterfowl.


(photo by Steve Gosser)

2 thoughts on “Cormorants On The Move

  1. Around brunos island where the water goes around and borders on the river road mckees rocks i see a comorant every thanksgiving as i pass to go to thankgiving dinner. It is resting and eating for a few days before flying on.

  2. We have cormorants on Agency Lake in Chiloquin, Oregon, in the summer time. The first time I saw one with its wings spread out, I was really surprised. They are magnificent birds. I love the birds around this part of southern Oregon.

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