Feb 15 2014

Owl In Full Sun

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Northern hawk owl (photo by Jessica Botzan)

Yesterday at Sax Zim Bog was bright, both day and night.  It began with a full moon at -13F and peaked at 10F with this bird.

My Life Bird northern hawk owl was perched on top of a tree near the road, easy to see.  He eyed us with suspicion as we trundled off the bus and stood in the road, staring at him.  Do his eyebrows give him that disapproving look?

When he wasn't staring back at us he scanned the bog for prey.  I've read that northern hawk owls have perfected the technique of hunting by sight and can identify prey as much as half a mile away.

It helps to be in full sun if you need to see a vole at 2,640 feet.


p.s. Jess Botzan was lucky to capture this one in flight. I have never yet seen one fly.

(photo by Jessica Botzan)

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  1. Patsyon 15 Feb 2014 at 7:52 am

    What a beautiful bird!

  2. Markon 15 Feb 2014 at 11:12 am

    Part of birding tour? Great seeing new birds.

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