Slow Spring …

No crocuses yet (photo by Kate St. John)
At this point in March the crocuses should be sprouting leaves and about to bloom in Pittsburgh.

Crocuses in the city typically open around March 11, a date I'm aware of because I blog about them every year.  Here's when they've bloomed in Schenley Park since 2009:

Do you think the crocuses will open by March 11 this year?  No.  🙁

We aren't alone in having a slow spring.  Watch the delayed wave of blooming tulips on Journey North's Tulip tracking site.


(photo by Kate St.John)

p.s.  Found these tiny crocus leaves popping up at CMU this morning.  I don't think they'll have flowers in less than a week.

Crocus leaves at CMU, 6 Mar 2014 (photo by Kate St. John)

3 thoughts on “Slow Spring …

  1. Daffodils are sprouting at the bottom of the inner quad at CMU. I saw them Sat. (walking the dog!) and told them “Silly things! Get back underground; we’re s’posed to have 6-12 inches of snow Sun.” They knew better.


  2. About 10 days ago most of the snow in our Hampton Township yard melted and revealed Snow Drops blooming under the snow. They normally bloom at the end of January, so even they are late. Also the Ozark Witch Hazel hybrid at Beechwood Farms is in full bloom. No sign of our Crocus yet.

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